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It’s a good, time-proven practice to perform long, CPU intensive tasks on some sort of a background thread to improve your UI thread responsiveness. Sometimes though UI-related tasks themselves can be quite expensive. WPF, for examples, forces you to do all UI work on the thread that created the UI. A very flexible WPF measure/layout paradigm for UI rendering also comes with high CPU usage cost. In a very UI intensive application (for example, trading app with about ten windows showing real-time montage and blotter data) simply the cost of generating and laying out visuals can become too high for a single thread to keep up. When your UI thread saturates individual windows may start skip rendering cycles, become slow to response to user input, or even freeze. If your UI thread approaches this kind of saturation you should consider creating dedicated UI threads for some (or all) of your UI-intensive windows. This post is a step by step walk-through of doing just that.

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